VSD Booster Pump 1.5 KW

Original price was: R14,197.00.Current price is: R11,500.00.

    1. Easy to operate
    2. Low noise level
    3. Automatic start/stop function
    4. Pre-wired with a 3-point plug
    5. Energy-efficient Up to 80% more energy savings compared to traditional pump systems
    6. Restart delay An integral time delay for restart after 3 seconds protects the motor from heat build-up due to continuous on/off switching
    7. Auto-rotation A built-in timer will automatically start the pump within a pre-selected cycle to rotate the bearings
    8. Constant pressure A pressure transducer ensures that constant pressure is maintained even when multiple water outlets are used simultaneously
    9. Class-leading efficiency

    The unit has the following integrated functions for protection from:

    1. Dry run
    2. Over-current
    3. Over/under voltage
    4. Overload
    5. Abnormal Pressure